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PS: I love you


Sorry that I didn't get the chance to say, I love you.Now you are leaving, I wish you could know.You used to be next to me, but not anymore.

  • by 奥华子(Oku Hanako)
  • dear brightness by natsu dsn
  • 初恋 by 奥華子
  • さよならの夏 ~コクリコ坂から~ (主題歌 別バージョン) by Maxk Nguyen
  • 金魚花火 ♪ by dougklf
  • Departure ~ EGOIST by Guilty Crown
  • anamnesis by Annabel
  • 风居住的街道 by 矶村由纪子
  • オレンジ by 【VON】四月は君の嘘
  • ギルティクラウン Guilty Crown OP Full ''Supercell ~ My Dearest'' by xAdrii15
  • Tk by Tk
  • Chiisana Tenohira by Clannad
  • Ikimono Gakari by Sakura
  • 夏恋 feat Rhyzz&Bell&Jas Mace (The 49ers) by Otokaze
14 tracks
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Thanks for everyone who listens and likes all the songs =D! I will be updating more great songs to this playlist once my internet got better...And you guys can check out my profile page to find more awesome playlists!❤❤❤

I have done updating some new songs hope you guys would enjoy =D! (By the way..I mixed them with old songs together so it's not that boring to hear songs over and over again..)