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Draco Malfoy (Character Study)


Draco wasn't the boy who made all the wrong choices...He was the boy who didn't have a choice.
Draco is a very complex and dark character. The reason I love him isn't just because he is hot or has a bad boy image. I love Draco because he's always trying to act tough but deep down he is very sensitive and weak. I think he has a lot of love inside his heart but he doesn't know how to show it and is afraid of being shunned. He's just a misunderstood boy and I think he'd have grown up to be a much kinder person if it wasn't for his prejudiced asshole of a father.

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this inspired me and my friend to write a fic! thank you, this is one of the only accurate Draco playlists, in my opinion anyway. I love it!!

This is absolutely incredible. It's captured his vulnerability and I-don't-give-a-fuck facade. Probably my favourite playlist here now. Wow. ❤❤

This is absolutely the best Draco playlist i have ever listened to. Seriously, I am thanking you from the bottom of my heart.