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As I said goodbye to reality

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The imagination can be dangerous, it will take you on journey to places of adventure, tragedy, love and happiness.

This is my first mix so I hope you enjoy, it's all of my favourite movie soundtracks :)

  • There You'll Be by Faith Hill
    Tennesse Hans Zimmer
  • Inception OST FLAC by Hans Zimmer
  • The Meadow By Alexander Desplat by EmotionAsAWeapon
  • Hand Covers Bruise by antonbeschekov
  • Rose (Piano Klavier Solo Arr.) (comp. by James Horner) by Titanic
  • Mermaids (From "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides") [feat. Helena Blackman] by London Music Works
  • Prologue by John Williams
  • Evacuating London piano by Celestialcow
  • War Horse by Tomas Zemler
  • "Once Upon a December" Instrumental Electric Viola by DecemberLunaMusic
  • Glasgow Love Theme by Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Paul Bateman
  • 12 - One Summer Day (from Spirited Away) by BiYao198
  • Song 1 from the Harry potter and the deathly gallows part 1 soundtrack "obliviate" by ptubbs
  • Becoming one of "The People" Becoming one with Neytiri by James Horner
  • 25 - In Time Main Theme (Orchestral) by cyclik4
15 tracks
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