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take shelter

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Oh, bless you! I'm going to try and duke out this migraine with your assistance! Thank you for this amazing playlist. I appreciate it! ❤️

Absolutely amazing. It's one of the very few migraine mixes that have helped me and one that I keep coming back to the most, whether it's a smaller or bigger headache. Thank you so much for making it!

I've had the lingering feeling from a migraine for the past 4 days, I have no idea how, but after only 4 songs of this playlist it seems to be disappearing. Thank you so much!

@solivigant i'm so glad. this is a mix i made through a lot of trial and error for myself and i'm so glad it helps all of ya'll too!

the pills didn't help, the dark didn't help, the silence didn't help, but 21 minutes into this playlist and i'm smiling again, and using lots of commas i guess, thank you for having this wonderful idea

this is honestly kindest message i've ever received and i've never been so happy for someone's reaction to something i've made. i'm really glad it helped you so much, commas and all :D