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Chroma Conclave

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Hell YESSSSSS! I have been hoping for a mix like this! Just, auuugh, just PERFECT. I love it so much. Fantastic choices for all of them. Mz Hyde is such a great choice for Raishan, I put that on one of my mixes last month. Weirdly motivational mix? Kept me going on a late night of work.

Thank you! I'm really glad my playlist helped you survive a late night of work =) There is a disturbing lack of Chroma Conclave around here, so I had to help a little bit, hehe. Thank you for listening! I am really happy you enjoyed it. Now, I have to decide the theme of my next playlist... I'm between Keyleth and The Briarwoods, or Whitestone's story arc as a whole. (Btw, can I tell you a secret?... I chose Mz. Hyde to be Raishan's second song because of one your playlists. I do not remember If it was "Sick Individual" or "Love Bites", but, the idea came from one of them. The song is pretty much perfect for Raishan! So, thanks for the inspiration =D)