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Vox Machina - Anime Edition



(I basically chose "openings" and "endings" for every story arc in the campaign =D)

14 tracks
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Love the concept! The show does sometimes lend itself to the idea of an anime epic. Got a great sense of moods from these songs.

Thank you for listening! As you said, sometimes Critical Role is like an anime epic. The weird group of friends in search of adventure and treasure, saving people, finding powerful artifacts and fighting incredibly destructive battles to save the world. The type of people who become heroes and legends (I mean, Critical Role even has "tournament" and "training" episodes lol). Let me stop here, before I start rambling more. This is already a very long reply, hehe. I am really glad you liked the playlist! =)

(Btw, there are a bunch of videos in youtube with covers, versions and translations of the songs I chose for the playlist. Just in case you feel curious about the lyrics. Once again, thank you for listening!)