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A mix to chill out and possibly smoke to!


Do you ever get the feeling that you want something to jolt you out of 'normality' or get the feeling that there's so much in your mind, yet so little time to express it all?...Delve into the ambient atmospheres I have created for your pleasure :) (I took the picture by the way :P)

13 tracks
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No sweat! I love helping people :) Sounds like you needed one of those magic cigarettes to help you through the night also! hahahaha Peace :)

You have no idea how much that would have helped, but unfortunately that magic is a little out of my reach currently. Lol. Thank once again, mister Captcha. :]

Haha! Well that's unfortunate, I would have supplied if I was there no doubt! :) And no sweat! If you get the chance, check out my soundcloud tracks too :) Made 'em meself haha