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One with the sea


For pirates and privateers who are one with the sea.

I can't exactly say unfinished but I most likely will add songs from time to time, just as a heads up.
Cover http://jstockart.deviantart.com/art/Stock-38-461802184

12 tracks
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OH. MY. GOD. AUDHSPUOAHDSIUDSAH THIS PLAYLIST IS SO AMAZING I WISH I COULD MARRY IT! You choose great songs, inspired me so much and I have no words to say thank you. Keep going, you work well! Love always x

@legolasy Oh my, thank you so much! I really don't know how to reply to this, this is overwhelming :3 I am very happy it inspired you, and I hope it will continue to inspire you in the future too! I plan on making more writing playlist in the future, and I hope they will be as great as this one and will inspire you and even more people :) x