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good vibes ☮


a severely random collection of songs that all have a happy, stress-free, care-free feel

so get your happy vibes going

(feel free to request songs to be added. I'll keep editing it with your additions)

11 tracks
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I love this playlist so much. It's my go to when I'm stressed, having a bad day, cleaning my house, doing homework, really anything. I think Once A Day by Michael Franti would be a great addition to this playlist! It's very upbeat and uplifting.

Could you add flaws by Bastille btw your vids and playlists are amazing. Whenever I get into a little mood, I always watch your videos, they call me down so much. Your videos are my happy place. ❤️

I love listening to this one before a workout, cause it relaxes me. Then after it too, because it puts me in a sense peace and relaxation.