Is this playlist safe for work?
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omg it's a fate. I clicked this playlist without looking at the time and when I glanced on the clock it says 04:44 right when the AM 4:44 came out.

you know i have this two set mix things, well we could do that I do one, and you do one. Like i do the first mix with lest say kyungsoo and then you listen to it and answer back to me with a mix with jongin that will make the second set and well just link the mix of each other on the description. We would have to coordinate also if the picture is black and white or with colors and the music.

@hxru ok i get it, so you'll working on kyungsoo and im on jongin. I can do the coverarts for our mixes if you want, and i prefer the coverarts in bnw. btw for the music, which genre is the best? do you prefer the angsty/broken one or fluff or?? (i kind of lame on picking up the genre for the music soz) or do you already have the plan/the track list for the music so we can talk about it later? & i think this collab thing is going to be long, can we talk in more private way? like, you can email the detail or message me on tumblr (uh.. i dont understand about tumblr that much, but i can do tumblr if you want) or do you have LINE? we can chit chat a bit and talk about our collab. thats up to you!! :--) SORRY FOR THE LONG ASS REPLY I JUST AM SO EXCITED I'm gOING TO START HYPERVENTILATING IN aNY MINUTE NOW!!11!.