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3 comments on STATION N

wowww, i am so flatterd that someone sees me as their senpai! babe i had already checked your account and i love your fade out mix, when DEAR came on while i was listening i flipped my shit. I really like your ascetic and you know how to arrange the sound smoothly (the transitions) so that really cool, im looking forward to more of your mixes, THANKYOUUUUUUUUU for thinking about me like that, you've work hard and im honestly very flattered. *sending kawaii hearts your way*

spend about a month just to find the right songs for this playlist /sigh/ (but its ok its holiday) btw, thanks to @CHXNHXN you helped me a lot. not. (you introduced me to arabella by arctic monkeys) also this playlist is inspired by @hxru i know you dont know me, but i know your acc and i like your acc like a lot?? (if you see this, pls notice me senpai) so, i dedicate this playlist for @hxru and my fellow kaisoo shipper. Hope you like it but dont hope too high bcs i swear this playlist is ultra-lame (but the bands are awesome tho) sorry guys i know i'm the worst.