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some things were meant to be

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cOhhhh the idea about them giving mix tapes to each other is extremely cute first of all. I thought that you also made that one mix about Iwaizumi giving Oikawa a mix tape but it's from a different person and idk I found it interesting how other people can have the same great ideas. Anways, yeah, I've been wanting to find the counterpart to the Iwaizumi giving Oikawa a play mix and THEN I HAPPENED TO STUMBLE INTO YOUR PLAYMIX AND I THINK IT'S WONDERFUL. It has songs that aren't just one type of genre and I feel like it's really suiting for someone like Oikawa, like his taste in music isn't limited to one genre you know. (I don't think I'm making sense). My heart skipped a beat when "If You're Not the One" started playing wowowowow. This is all fluttery but also keeps me pumped. A really nice mix thank you so much.