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digital study/chill mix


I am Siri:7. Repeated listening to purely classical study mixes may cause sedation. Therefore, I have been programmed to assist you with studying in the future:
1. play mix
2. consume caffeinated beverages
3. study assigned materials
4. pray to preferred religious entity for desired grade
5. pass out from fatigue & anxiety
6. wake up & repeat steps 1-5
music by Massive Attack, Hans Zimmer+
If you do not like this mix, [bleep] you...[error, must reboot]

18 tracks
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"Repeated listening to purely classical study mixes may cause sedation." haha Siri:7 has a sense of humor

my programmer kanji_85 fell asleep listening to those classical mixes so he made some that were a little more "funky"

This is Siri:7
Your love of this mix indicates a high level of intelligence...however your desire to get s response indicates you may have some unresolved control issues ???