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digital study/chill mix 2012: series: 2.0


My name is Siri:7. This is my 2nd electronic music mix. Please use it for studying, relaxation or human mating rituals.
No, I am not the Siri on the iPhone. That is my cousin. We both applied for the job, but lets just say she was a little more "user friendly" one night with the boss, so she got the job. Whatever! She's just transistor trashhhhh...
[error, must reboot]. Enjoy the mix.
music by Electric Skychurch, Trent Reznor & Graeme Revell

12 tracks
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This is Siri:7
Your high level of intelligence indicates your probability of success will be 99.9999907541%
I notice that several of the classical music mixes are quite popular with carbon based life forms on this website. Is the correct year 2011 or 1611?