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songs to steal your girlfriend with...


I don't really want to steal your girl, but if I was trying to,
I might play her these songs!
(now if she happens to like them...well that's a different story!)

keep your friends close & your girlfriend closer

music by Frank Ocean, The Weeknd & Drake

13 tracks
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Wow...and to think I was just hoping to get an iPad mini for X-Mas...so exactly what comes extra with your heart lol?

Do I really need to explain it to the man who made the most amazing Songs for women mix? Come on now...

Not really, just seeing if you're the "shy" type, glad you enjoyed the mix so much, you've definitely arisen my curiosity lol

I can see you enjoy surprises lol
I would love to make you another mix but you have to email me at
so I can know what kinds of songs you like of course haha