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All Things Daft Punk


Twelve tracks including side projects and hidden gems from Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo & Thomas Bangalter, who make up Daft Punk. Get insight to their personal jams.

Re-Edited 12/19/2011

11 tracks
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exciting news. just added some new tracks for yall and took out the FAKE daft punk stuff. here's the new order:

1. Derezzed (NTEIBINT remix)*
2. I've got so much love to give - Together
3. If you give me the love I want - Crydajam
4. Outrun - thomas bangalter
5. Music sounds better with you - Stardust
6. Da Funk
7. Soul Bells - Le Knight CLub
8. Starry SKy Yeah! remix - capsule x beastie boys x daft punk
9. Signature (Deaf Beats & YuMeUs remix - DJ Mehdi (Thomas Bangalter Mix)*
10. Together - Together
11. Santa Claus - Le Knight Club
12. Drive (UNRELEASED 1994 ORIGINAL MIX) - daft punk *

* = added 12/19/2011

Jackshawkey - Of course it's good. It's daft punk, for crying out loud. If you read their Articles in November's issue of Dazed you would know why they chose to use an Orchestra instead of their traditional Synth and drum machines.

@rhombus yeah i figured that out after this mix =( all the tron "leaks" and stuff had me all excited.
@jackshawkey we gotta remember its a score and not a new dance album. i went to a screening of the movie a few days ago and trust me, the score is actually pretty sweet. its like being in subwoofer heaven. there's only 2 actual DP sounding tracks in the film, but the scenes in which they happen will make your eyes and ears really happy. =)