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here there be aliens ;;


the story of unfortunate class e-28 and their face off with the purple orbs.

i. the announcement | ii. the paranoia | iii. the first death | iv. the board of the fallen | v. the transport | vi. the thinning of tolerance | vii. the adrenaline | viii. the front lines | ix. the front lines p.2 | x. the new mentality | xi. the confrontation | xii. the downbeat

  • Legion by Late Night Alumni
  • OFF by Tender Sugar
  • Verdi Requiem: "Dies Irae" by Amherst Symphony Orch
  • OFF OST Fourteen Residents (Extended) by TeamValentine
  • Breakdown by Epik High
  • STRIKE BACK (Fairy Tail Opening) by BACK-ON
  • Lorekeeper Zinnia's Battle Theme by Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire OST
  • xi by XI
  • Tanantella by Hollywood Bowl Orchestra
  • Cold Steel Coffin by user979937577
  • Sakura Iro No Yume by Kinata
11 tracks
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