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Calm Like a Bomb...

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1) A song from your favorite movie - Big Brother and the Holding Co., Combination of the two
2) A song that makes you think of summer - Iggy Pop, The Passenger
3) Track 3 from and album by a person or band that starts with the letter K. - Carole King, Its too Late
4) Song by a band with an animal in their name. - Them Crooked Vultures, Gunman
5) Song originally sung by a man, but is being covered by a woman - Amy Winehouse, Valerie
6) A song about sex - Deftones, Passenger
7) A song about drugs. - The Beatles, Happiness is a Warm Gun
8) A song with "rock" in the title. - Ben Folds, Rockin The Suburbs
9) A song from a band that you tolerated because your significant other liked it - The Police, Message in a Bottle
10) A song from a band that you miss because they broke up or died. - Rage Against the Machine, Calm Like A Bomb
11) A song that features the Violin - Apocolyptica, One
12) A song that mentions the town in which you were born - Nina Simone, Baltimore