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take a breath

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Songs to fall asleep to

  • Lucy Rose Cover by Shiver
  • re: Stacks by Andrew Gavin Williams
  • Matt Corby Acoustic Cover by Brother
  • I Do (Acoustic Guitar with Rain) by Bleerix
  • Resolution by Matt Corby
  • Island In The Sun (Cover) By Daniela Andrade & Sarah Lee by Weezer
  • Stolen Dance by Milky Chance
  • Tom Page & Craig Bassi (Katy Perry) by Birthday Acoustic Cover
  • We Found Love (Rihanna) Cover by Jayme Dee
  • "Untitled" by Matt Corby (Acoustic Cover)
  • The xx Cover by Angels
  • Coffee // Sylvan Esso (cover) by Elle Waters
  • Dirty Paws Cover by Bronte Cook
13 tracks
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