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mcdanno dance studio au

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choreographer steven mcgarrett runs FIVE-0 dance studio with his dancing partner, kono kalakaua - they teach the little kids up to the professionals, and take them to local competitions specializing in hip hop. danny is bewildered that this is what grace
wants to do with her free time but he signs her up anyway, and is so not prepared for watching a certain someone dance up close.

  • Clique (ft. Big Sean & Jay-Z) by Kanye West
  • --Body - Party - - SoMo by B33N TRILL
  • Yonce by BeYonce
  • Bird Machine by DJ Snake & Alesia
  • PRETTY GIRL SWAG by Blake Sparkles
  • Booty Wurk (One Cheek At A Time) by T-Pain ft Joe Galaxy
6 tracks
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