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I Will Find My Way


A mix for Karol Capel, leader of Brave Vesperia!

I wanted to keep this mix as optimistic as Karol tries to be.

8 tracks
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I didn't honestly need this in my life. Like, I liked Karol, and I still do. I felt sadness and attachment and involved with Karol. But here I am now, dealing with it again, the way it hurts my ass. A side note besides this making my butt hurt--- it's all really cohesive and nice feeling. There's a strong sense of theme without it being overwhelming to listen to. It's got a really good feel to it that matches Karol perfectly (bittersweet with a positive end).

@HarmonicAcid thank you so much. sorry about your ass but im glad you enjoyed yourself. and yes, i tried to keep a consistent theme!