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when you're gone


just a quiet playlist for quiet night - a compilation of some 8tracks favourites.

  • Farewell (In 3 Parts) by huskysongs
  • Twins by Gem Club
  • Long Days by I Will, I Swear
  • Living Room Songs by Ólafur Arnalds
  • Beauty Around by Youngest Brother Music
  • Silhouette by Navigation
  • Clementine by Sarah Jaffe
  • Slow Down by TWICEYOUNG
  • Return To (feat. Tom Snowdon) | (About Face LP | 2014) by #1 Dads
  • Ålesund by Sun Kil Moon
  • Arctic House by Lowlakes
  • Black Beauty (Instrumental) by Lana Del Rey
  • soley by Sóley
  • Drifting by Nate Eiesland
  • Polly by Gem Club
  • Summerbaby by The Sleep Tapes
  • Thinking About You (The Big Scary Four Seasons EPs | 2010) by Big Scary
  • Cloud Atlas Finale by Cloud Atlas
  • Master & a Hound by Andrew Gavin Williams
  • Północ by Domowe Melodie
  • Lost In The Light by Bahamas
  • Business (Snippet) by Teyana Taylor
22 tracks