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I Miss It.....Now I'm Alone.......


Sometimes we need to stop analyzing the past, stop planning the future, stop figuring out precisely how we feel, stop deciding exactly what we want, and just see what happens.

I miss the old me;
the one with tons of friends;
when I didn't have a problem
when best friends weren't split up
when a smile came easily to my face.

Don't get down because of your past mistakes. Move on even though it may be hard. The people that end up with you in the end will be there forever.

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3 comments on I Miss It.....Now I'm Alone.......

ur mixes r dope! im trying to get on one/ i think u might really dig my music. i just put out a free album. holler at me.

Dude...you got some sick ass mixes..about 2weeks ago,i hadn't even heard of 9 outta 10 of the artists u got on the mixes I've heard so far..& I'm already obsessed with them, goin& downloading every one of their songs & shit =) but yea-i needed these!!.....alotta ur mixes hella hit home-jus wat i needed doin thru wat I'm doin thru!!-(struggling w/ bein a single parent the whole 11 months of my sons life-going thru a really hard break up w/Mt best friend of almost 20 years& made the mistake of trying to date this past year..mutual break up, but we hurt too bad 2 every go back to how we were....struggling with an 8 year really bad opiate addiction& trying to keep myself in check...music's all i got!..so jus thought I'd let u know how greatly you have impacted someones life just by a couple play list s you put together & have kind of in a way-been my only form of support thru it all!!... Soooo....KEEP EM COMIN!!!!! \_(^.^)_/ LMAO