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HIM <3


For Sergio Montesinos,My love,My rock,The one who has been there through all the rough patches.
Wow I miss you. You were the light of my entire life, and I still see you in the same light. Before I go to sleep, all I do is think of you.

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im so glad youve gotten help i cant begin to say how relived i am to hear that. i'm happy for you and i hope you get better. i hope your life gets back on track and you succeed. i hope you find someone who doesn't only love you but can make you a better person. i would tell you directly but i dont want to cause any more problems and i know you wont ever see this... i wont say everything on my mind but i am very happy for you. i hope everything goes well. in my prayers always. - Sergio

i hate that we're so different now. i hate that i cant help you.its been over a year since we broke up but memories of us still floods my thoughts i miss you sometimes but the old you. not who you are now. i know youll never see this its probably been longer than a year since youve listened to our playlist but thats okay i dont blame you. i really hope you find your self. before its too late.in what ever it is youre doing in the night. please. be safe.