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(DDR Galaxy!!!) ~Spiral Mix~


the arcade in town used to have a ddr machine. there was also an itg machine n that was fine. we were able to coexist. well one day they took out the ddr machine. we were now forced to share a platform with the itg players who let their friends go b4 everyone else. well ppl move on but i kept playin cause i'm adaptable, n itg had its own merits but then they got rid of the itg machine for PUMP IT UP n i thought, ok this is bad but i am adaptable, right? i'll get used to it, right? wrong. pump it up is an abomination among dance games with its freaky 5 step set up n the fact that i have been damned to try n play it or suffer means i suffer no matter what. and this is my hell my reality that i live in.

10 tracks
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