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Just a few of my favorite mash-ups.

  • Marina and the Diamonds & Panic! at the Disco by Bubblegum Bitch vs. I Write Sins Not Tragedies
  • Pompeii is Radioactive by Imagine Dragons vs. Bastille
  • Galaxies Mash Up by Owl City vs. Calvin Harris, Maroon 5
  • Anything Could Happen At Midnight by SmadaLeinad Mashup
  • Don't Stop Believin' Levels (Le Brinque & Henrik Grundén 2011 Mashup) by Avicii vs. Journey
  • Radioactive vs I Write Sins Not Tragedies by Pilgerrrs
  • Somebody Told Me To Feel Good (Killers vs. Gorillaz) by DJ BR0N-3
  • Radioactive In The Dark by Imagine Dragons
  • Wonderwall You Know (Alone Mix) by gbritsmurfy
9 tracks
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