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Jungalicious fun with the amen break.
Dedicated to the break and its drummer: Gregory C. Coleman (1944 – 2006)
Ten tracks including music by Aphex Twin, Blackstar Ft Top Cat and Current Value. (50min33sec)

10 tracks
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I carry that Photek tune for a long time with me. First time I heard it was on MTV probably back in '95 or '96. :) Thay played it quite a lot actually since jungle/drum 'n bass really was coming in to vogue back then + Therapy was a popular band at that time as well so two good reasons for MTV to show it and I'm glad they did!

I still find it amazing that a few seconds of live drumming propelled a complete genre of music (jungle) and inspired so many people to use reuse chop up reorder, alter speed and mutilate just those few beats ad inifitum. This documentary on youtube is really interesting if you want to know more about amen and it's history. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SaFTm2bcac

always thought those breaks sounded similar, didn't realize they were all sampled from the same drummer. just thought it was some producer sampler cd or something. thanks for the education!

oh we had all the fads - lighter crew, whistle crew, glow stick massif... the dickheads that shouted 'reee-wind' at the start of every tune... dem were the days :)