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Critical Mass


Drifting in the familiar unfamiliar. Songs are pulled from my previous playlists, here together trying to break through to the other side.

128 tracks
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Great set of music! I just made it to track 128. Listened at work off and on for two and half days. Only had two skips "Kiss Me Again (Original Edit) " and "Stardancer", because I had a headache and just couldn't take it

@KatamariCore ok i'm going to see how long it takes me to get through this... i hope it doesn't reset every day...not sure i could listen uninterrupted but i'll try...

@KatamariCore argh, the playlist reset, back to square one. oh well, guess you gotta listen to the whole thing at once... i should be able to spare ~6 hrs at work or something... what i heard so far was awesome though... gotta find out what other mysteries you got hiding in here...!

@KatamariCore are you serious, would you really do that?? oh man that sounds like a whole hell of a lot of work for you though, but it would certainly help me listen to the whole thing...idk, maybe i can give this thing another shot tomorrow night, just gotta hit play as soon as i get home... look what you've done to me! now i'm obsessed with this thing! :)

which means, as implied above, that sleeping may need to interrupt listening... but i'm not quitting goddamnit!

christ... i left to go to bed, but i thought i'd dip back in for a couple of songs... it's now twenty-five past freaking four in the morning... what have you done to mee?!

My dear Sidekick, 'twas not my intention. I wasn't aware of the sleep disturbing effects of this mix. I guess I should put up a disclaimer now. Can you sleep late?

hehe, it's not so much your fault... i'm just weak-willed, and your music was speaking volumes to me - i said to myself 'i'll just see what's next...' at least 10 times! thanks again for putting this together, mister... apologies for the ramblings in the comments!