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2 trxz in and I can feel that this train ride is going to be brillient as long as the engineer avoids a train wreck and that to would be part of the train ride too.

I discovered Jean Giraud so lately. and then he has become one of my three beloved masters with enki bilal and lorenzo mattotti:)

As a child I had this book which was something of an overview of comic art and artists. There was this one picture in it by Bilal. (pretty sure it was Bilal) Well I was seriously haunted by it. I alwasy had to skip the page I couldn't look at it. It was so weird and raw. I need to find this book! :)

http://www.ericdenoorman.nl/images/0138.jpg from 1985. It was a dutch book with an wide range of subjects on comics and animation. It had a section that was about the history of the comic medium. A section about comic's most notable and visionary creators. I thought it as pretty informative and used it for a lecture i had to do in class. I must have it somewhere lying around. Now u know all the details!

I am so curious about the Bilal's picture that you were haunted by. And I wish I could take the class of yours because I can talk about comics all the time and never get bored of it. have a look at mattotti. I know you would love it

Talking about Charlie Brown also reminded me we talked about comics before here. I'm going to find that book and make a scan of the picture.!