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KatamariCore's Jazzzzzzz

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tony williams is ace... he's on herbie hancock's point of view album too, along with donald byrd and hank mobley. this is excellent mister, loving your picks so far :)

speaking of drumming, that tony williams on the eye of the hurricane track, wow, gotta remember that name (sorry i'm so caught up in this track). and did he say on trumpet freddie hubbard??!! are you freakin kidding me?? what a great mix

It;s the VSOP quintet. Hancock, Freddie Hubbard, Wayne Shorter, Ron Carter & Tony Williams. A real all star jazz band I guess. I'm not sure because I'm still a jazz n00b. :) So glad you liked eye of the hurricane i was not sure it i'd put it here cause of it's length.

i'm a total jazz noob, tee hee :P but it's fun anyway... and yes, i didn't even notice the length. good choice to include