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Space Is a Place (The Doctor Snuggles mix)

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I'll have to be honest now: Credit should be given to @Lyn . Stole it from this mix: http://8tracks.com/lyn/order-out-of-chaos :) I'll be checking out the Kadaa album out for myself soon!. :P

Thank you for introducing me to Kaada! Listening to his album now (Thank You For Giving Me Your Valuable Time) and it is sublime.

Third time's a charm :] The Kaada track worked this time around!... well, half of it, before it cut off. but I'm intrigued and will be checking out more of it.

Thanks for your kind words! :) Great you had fun with these quirky songs. About the Kadaa track, I think it might be a bit of a novelty item.

Like an enthusiastic child getting off of a fun ride in an amusement park, I say, "again! again!" Saving this to my loved mixes for future amusement.

P.S. the Kaada track has not worked both times. It must be too good of a gem to even play.