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The Audio Illusion

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I love this shit! I'm a true outcast among my friends who all hate anything resemblng gabber or hardcore outside the strictest of classic hardcore/protojungle realms. This is a lot of fun. Nice one!

There was a time this music didn't make a lot of sense to me. But you know how certain experiences shed a whole new light to things. :)

Absolutely. I had many a night in Baltimore, DC, and Richmond VA in illegal warehouse parties with hardly any lights and a booming sound system that will forever be special.

Thanks for checking this out! I guess most of this is pretty damn obscure stuff. 4 or 5 of the tracks are from local dutch producers. Ouch.. metal is more dangerous for the ears than most techno imo.. it's the mid highs that are worst. (guitars) I had my fair share of beeping and buzzing ears too. I try to wear plugs nowadays but the experience just isn't not the same.

Wouldn't know what the original spiral vibe was cause i wasn't there. Was the tribe stateside in the early nineties? For me the freeparty vibe has something to do with drugged out anarcho hippies and psychedelic diy freedom fighter mutants. Put yo head in the speakers!

Yes this far more tru to the spiral vibe but I was always more into a rhythmic and not such a techno gaba sound. but this is fun none the less. I loved the vibe of the tribe more than there musical taste if that makes sense