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Tropical Surprise

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this mix is succeeding in warming me up way better than the 1000000+ cups of tea i have consumed today. perfecto :)

Not sure I buy that money is the root of evil? More people are and their greed. Money is just a mode for trade. Love the jam got me thinking which is a good thing!!

Dam everone is making long mixes oh well they have been good but longer mixes mean less mixes I listen to which makes me sad. I am here so I should shut up and just enjoy this, which I am so far!!. Wow scll as 2 sim mixes that is cool in and of itself!!

I'm still committed to doing small mixes. I even like them better because of the same reason. Plus less is usually more. Making longer mixes is kinda rewarding though cause they show up more easily in the similar mixes and with searches. I'm not saying 8tracks made me do this because it's still a choice of course. Next few mixes will be only 8, just to make a statement!