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Sun skimmed skies


//Like the flare at the end of a spoon
//Like the eleventh hour turning to noon
//Like a flower knowing spring is coming soon
//Like anything else destined to bloom

you guys have no idea how long ive just been writing down and collecting songs honestly its embarrassing/slowly adds annotations to everything

parts in their growing relationship/friendship+teamwork/partnership?

qwq anyways find me on twitter @kartinbasa

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67 tracks
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67 tracks holy moly AND your music taste is absolutely amazing omg im in loveeee drowning in kagehina !! this is so good and everything reminds me so much of them im gone

@shoyohinata AH THANK YOU yeah i was collecting songs for so long and instead of spacing them out in playlists i put them all together haha oops!! thank you so much oh my goodness /)u(\