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AI Take-Over: The Jazz Chronicles


"No one really knows why the robots took to jazz like they did. The syncopation algorithms were complex and took decades to perfect. Underground bars - places where humans and robots could play jazz side-by-side - blew up. The scene became a rip tide of revolution. Dissent against our oppressive overlords became uncontrollable. Never since the singularity have man and machine come together so perfectly. It's our collective history and jazz took centre-stage."

- Ken Burns (the robot reboot)

11 tracks
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@elkpapa Weather Report defined my childhood big-time. I wouldn't be the same person without them. ;) Glad to connect with another fan...thanks for the kind words!

@katcosmonaut Ha! If I ever figure out how to play my guitar well enough for anyone to tolerate it, THAT will be the name of my band.

@SpaceBunnySounds They are so good! I discovered them last summer and binge-listened for a week or so. It helps that they have like a million albums out. Also, there's X-Legged Sally, which was the "precursor" band led by the same guy (Peter Vermeersch). It's not as big-band-y but still weird and noisy and good. ;)