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Eyes of a Blue Dog


For @tkyd. My dear friend. Thank you so much for everything. Your friendship touched my life in a way I never imagined possible. You will never be forgotten. Here's that mix we never finished. I added a few more that I think you would have appreciated.

I miss you so much already.


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taking a break from halloween mixes to listen to this sad but gorgeous offering. I didn't know tkyd very well, but we've been listening to each other's mixes for years and he's always been a kind presence here on 8tracks. thanks for sharing this with us.

@dj_dim-mak Thanks so much for listening. It was unconventional, but he was the best friend I've ever had. He taught my cold robot heart how to love and completely changed my outlook on everything. He was an exceptional, unique dude and I miss the hell out of him, but I'm determined to keep his spirit alive in my heart for however long I've got left. :)

Whoops... On my mixes over the years. I only knew him in a limited capacity but I'll miss his excellent taste and thoughtfulness. This is sad news. I am so sorry for your loss.

@erkia Patrick (tkyd) loved your mixes (honestly). Thanks for these words. He was a guy with an ear to the current of some very deep, special truth that runs through life. It just sucks incredibly that we won't be able to hear what he heard anymore.

@erkia Phew, back to finish this comment appropriately. Had written something trying to be upbeat, but it was pretty forced. Just...thanks. Gonna spend some personal time with your mixes cause I think you guys had a similar ear for that "thing." :)

@katcosmonaut No worries, I really appreciate your sincerity. I regret that I didn't really get to know him beyond our shared affinity for certain types of music. To be honest, being a typical introvert, in the past I tended to view 8tracks as a very solitary venture. I am only just starting to appreciate the social media aspect of the platform. I hope you feel better and find that elusive "thing"!

@Btrxz Yes. He passed away Monday morning, the cause of death has yet to be determined. Sam and I are in contact with his family, though, who have said they'll keep us updated.

@katcosmonaut Holy shit! it sure is. This is why I hate social media relationships. I could have been in the dark forever, but THIS speaks to 8trxz bonds and awareness of what is going on! Fuck I've been with him since this one. http://8tracks.com/tkyd/crypt-echoes 7 YRS DAMMIT! @dp @datadebt @Samuel_peterson PLEASE MAKE ALL IS MIXES JEMS!

Track 4 is called "This one should have your name but today you´re not here" by a band called "And The Earth Never Looked So Distant". Heart wrenchingly beautiful!