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Jodorowsky's Dune


A tribute to the greatest science fiction movie never made and the zany, charming artist along with his crack team of dreamers who conjured it all up.

Mix features some weird noise, some synthy noise and some noisy noise from the likes of the Far East Family Band, Magma and SpacEKrafT.


9 tracks
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@dj_dim-mak Haha yeah definitely! That's actually how I initially discovered them. :p Also, I don't know what's up with the indexing, but that album came out around '75. I know the FEFB was a contemporary of Pink Floyd....and I guess considered by some to be one of the first Japanese prog rock bands? I have to admit I can't find a whole lot of info on them!

@katcosmonaut yeah, I've never heard of them before this mix and figured that they were much later than PF since they were so clearly influenced. loving the mix btw, couldn't finish it yesterday so I'm back for the rest this morning.

@katcosmonaut if you have the time and interest, I have mixes inspired by Dune and Holy Mountain. 8tracks dot com/dj_dim-mak/collections/dj_dim-mak-inspirations-from-books-films-and-media

@dj_dim-mak I will definitely check out all those mixes! Especially the Holy Mountain one. :)) I listened to one that Error_Malfunction did recently and loved it. I'm sure you probably listened to it, too? It's gotta be my favourite Jodo movie! <3

@dj_dim-mak @katcosmonaut I also did my tribute to a SF movie (cold machines VII - Space Odyssey), but here, the film does not even exist ! Well I regret it, imagining Roger Waters singing in Japanese :-D

Thank you so much! I'm really pleased you liked my little tribute. :)

I completely fell in love with the documentary. Still can't really shake it from my mind...it was just so damn delightful!