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¿Que Albuquerque?


"And you are left with the glass of ice cold beer, and the sun on the uplands with dappled shadows and all, which is much better, as the poet has it, than a poke up the nostril with a burnt stick."

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I just watched the season premier of Better Call Saul so it's the perfect time for this. And huge props for dropping a State of Bengal track in there. I loved these guys back in the day. I'm pretty sure I have this track on 12" buried in my collection somewhere.

@dj_dim-mak Ah sweet! That track (and album) was totally new to me...pilfered it from my local public library. I am envious you have a hard-copy! ;) And can't wait to watch the new season of BCS. I have such a soft-spot in my heart for Bob Odenkirk - especially for Mr. Show haha. But Saul Goodman is a great character...I'm glad the Breaking Bad producers went in this direction to extend the series.