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The Third Day


"The third day comes a frost, a killing frost." - Henry VIII, Shakespeare

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@contextclues Oh! That's no good. :( I've been able to get it to play after the 3rd track...maybe it's one of those new 8tracks things? What does it say when you try?

@katcosmonaut It just stops playing, then when I hit the "play" button I get a message saying a mix can't be played more than once every 8 hours =\ It's a bummer for sure

@Samuel_peterson I have been *obsessed* with that artist (and that song in particular) for the past couple weeks. A good friend of mine introduced me...apparently Mohsen Namjoo is considered the Bob Dylan of of Iran, although I feel like it has to be purely in the political/lyrical sense cause I think his music is WAY more interesting that Dylan's. Anyway ahhh so glad you also loved it!! And thank you for such a nice comment :)

@ErrorMalfunction That Talking Heads track was my jumping-off point for this mix! I think I read once upon the time that their whole deal with that song was to try and emulate JD? Anyway haha they did a great job! Also, thank you (and your coworkers) for the listen ;)