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Vague Behaviour

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@sepiae Thank you my mollusc friend! :) So glad you liked it. Also...you are Swedish (I think)! I did not now that cuttlefish were native to the Baltic Sea?

@katcosmonaut yes, some of us thought to try it out. they're just wearing fur coats. but what gave you the idea that i'm Swedish? is it my accent? that might be typos. mark: there are more places than Sweden with afternoons...

@sepiae Haha! I suppose afternoons ARE pretty ubiquitous. :p And I placed you based on your use of "najs"...may be a typo, though? At any rate, you better bundle up if you go up there for visits!!

@katcosmonaut ah, but no, that's just taking liberties with spelling... :) or nefarious assaults on language, depending on the beholder. and it's only those of my kind who're not, different from me, PETA-friendly...

@Btrxz Hey thanks for stopping by! I was in a funk yesterday and threw this together from my Soundcloud likes to cheer myself up. :p I Should definitely hunt down the real songs though. Will do that today!

@tkyd Hmm that's weird. I just listened through it and didn't get the same thing. Could it be a browser issue maybe?