Kate Jeevas
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Seven Day Mile


a modern!AU Robb/Theon playlist.

story behind: Several months before graduating, Robb moves to NY for attorney internship. He secretly plans to recommend Theon for an IT-specialist vacancy in the same company, but Theon is driving him crazy about being left behind, so he gives up the plan. While Robb is away, Theon finds a new clique whose leader, Ramsay, seems to be interested in him. However, Theon finds himself drugged in a shabby apartment without any memories of three days gone. Stark family are to sue Ramsay, but he's nowhere to be found. After Asha's call, Robb takes the first plane to London to help his friend. In several months filled with talks, bickering and social outings (a.k.a. dates), they move to NY - together this time - to start it all over again.

13 tracks
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