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kate8's 8tracks Debut


New to 8tracks? Follow these track guidelines for a killer first mix.

1. A song from 2011 you love
2. A song everyone on 8tracks should hear
3. A song that reminds you of high school
4. A song from the year you were born
5. A song from a band you LOVE
6. A song you can sing along to
7. A song about your city / state / country
8. A top 40 song you hate to admit you like
tag: 8tracksdebut
art: the 1st result of this image search: your first pet's name + the street you grew up on

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I'm afraid I don't understand pop music these days. It all seems to follow the same formula:

1. Play a repeated instrumental lick as an intro.

2. Sing short, repeated phrases over and over.

3. Divide the song into a verse and a chorus, both consisting of a short, repeated vocal phrase (though they may be different).

4. After each chorus, repeat the instrumental lick from the intro before doing the verse and chorus again, and so on.

5. Don't change the tempo, volume, or feeling (if, indeed, any feeling is detectable or important).

It's almost as though we've forgotten what music is for, and we're just using it as a dance vehicle. I have nothing against dancing, but it seems a shame that we seem to have forgotten how creative, varied and meaningful music can be. Oh well—we've done that with many things, haven't we?

The music has no discernable, consistent, 'genre' feel. It also drowns out the vocals. The lyrics are indiscipherable, monotone, and vague. It insults the musicians, as well as the listener. I'm serious, and being as truthful as I can be, That said, the musicians sound able, but not confident enough to relax, focus, take it slow, and build something to be very proud of. Something even they would buy, if THEY didn't make it. In other words, if you're gonna give us something, give up your BEST. This ISN'T it.

These are songs this person likes. It's very understandable that you aren't much of a fan because we all don't have the same tastes, but still.