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For Glory's Sake...War

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"It begins as a whisper… a promise… the lightest of breezes dances above the death cries of 300 men. That breeze became a wind. A wind that my brothers have sacrificed. A wind of freedom… a wind of justice… a wind of vengeance."

  • Week 2: Inception by Trailer Music Training
  • Aesir by Two Steps From Hell
  • Skyros [PP] by Generdyn
  • 16 Stand And Fight by GoTTurkiye
  • The Battle of Breed's Hill by Lorne Balfe
  • El Dorado by Two Steps From Hell
  • Transformers 3 Trailer Music (With Choir) by DeNisNeo1
  • Temple Secrets by Assassin's Creed
  • First Flight (Epic choir orchestral hybrid music) by Clarence Yapp Composer
  • Darksiders Theme by darksiders
  • The Makers Guardian by jesperkyd
  • The Corruption Soundtrack by Davide Crascì
  • Leaving Earth by Clint Mansell
  • StarWaves by M83
  • ESCAPE NOW by SOUNDTRACK Epic SOUND For next Movie
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