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Last Battle: Finals Week


I tried to make this mix as dramatic, epic, and motivating as possible in honor of finals. My finals week is the biggest bitch in the whole wide world, and I figured others probably have some that are worse... Good luck my fellow champions, you've got this.

Also, all or almost all of these tracks are newly uploaded. There's good chance you haven't heard them on here before. Only for you guys.

21 tracks
5 comments on Last Battle: Finals Week

this helped me actually study instead of staring at the textbook for hours :) it helps that i haven't heard most of these before <3

@lindalëfëa I know the feeling. I always forget I'm supposed to be reading and wind up staring off into space. I'm so glad I could help!! Good luck :)

@514862163 I can hear the sound of trumpets as the lymphocytes prepare for battle in the bone marrow, journeying to the lymph nodes for the final attack. Thank you and good luck!!