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Test Us and You Will Fail


From "warp speed engage" to clash of steel to the beat of dragons wings, hammer on shield, and the silence of a Dark Knight.

Pure, intense, epic tracks consisting of trailer music, remixes, Epic Score, Two Steps from Hell, and more. It's probably better than cocaine.


41 tracks
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I was reading the i am number four series (way better than the movie as always!) but one of my all time favorites is sacred sins by nora roberts its full of suspense and you should check it out! but np

Im reading an action type of book and i needed a playlist that made me feel like i was in the book in a sense and this playlist was perfect!!! nice job

@ NICE!! Which book? I need a new one... I just finished GOT and I'm in kind of a funk because I can't find any as good. Thank you for listening and for the comment!