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2008 was a good year for music


I'm not sure why but I have the most vivid memories of 2008 when I listen to these songs and no other year or music has that effect on me. but these are all of the songs I used to listen to on my little green ipod nano when I was a preteen and they make me really happy still. It's really funny to see how my music taste has evolved since then like I thought I was so coo listened to top 40 stuff LOL. and that Lil Wayne remix dooooeeeee I was fucking cool as shit. too cool for the original song damn. (honestly I only listened to that song because my friend who was a couple years older than me at the time listened to it and I looked up to her so much because she was a teenager and sew cool to me but idk it's funny) taking a stroll through memory lane right now.

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