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From London to South Africa

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Hi! I just love the mix, but I have a question, the first song (Desert, Section 25 from the album From the Hip) Sounds completely different in YouTube, Spotify and iTunes, could you please tell me why? I really want that song and I can't find it anywhere.

@vedat-o-11039 @vedozdemir @TebanZ hey guys, yeh that's it. such a sick tune :) When everything changed on 8tracks you couldn't use certain tracks so everything go abit mixed up. I am so glad you like the mix!

@kates02 @vedat-o-11039 @vedozdemir I'm sorry guys I've been trying to reply since you commented but it seems to be impossible from my mobile. Yes, I found the song and yes is an amazing song. thanks guys!

This is the first time i have commented on a playlist but had to as takes me back to the best of 2014 for sure - excellent mix