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I ain't no damsel in distress


"A woman can preach, a woman can work, a woman can fight. A woman can build, can rule, can conquer, can destroy, just as much as a man can."
A playlist inspired by Marvel's Agent Carter, dedicated to all the strong, independent women out there.

9 tracks
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Hey there, amazing list! But somehow only 3 songs play though the list seams to have 11 songs? Maybe the problem is on my side but I wanted to ask because I really loved the first three and would love to listen to the rest! So much Peggy in them :)

@Whiteowly oh no :(( i have no idea what happened, maybe 8tracks deleted them since it became us/canada only :// but here's a link with all the songs: http://katherinebeckets.co.vu/post/108384924511/i-aint-no-damsel-in-distress-a-peggy i hope you like it and sorry for the late reply!