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Stronger Than You: Ultimate Edition


I love this song, you love this song, let's listen to thirty-four versions of this song in a row!!!

Featuring the original, the demo and a ton of fanmade covers, remixes and mashups (with source links in annotations)

If you are the artist of any of these tracks and would rather your track wasn't included, please message me about it and I will remove the offending track. Thanks for listening!

EDIT December 5th: there's not enough room for all the multilanguage versions but Alfonso Dingo Torres on Youtube made an awesome and convenient medley of them, which I added to the playlist! If this still isn't enough Stronger Than You (what is?), check out the full playlist here: http://tinyurl.com/styml

34 tracks
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@Akavakaku Hm, I wasn't aware of that but it looks like it's just Soundcloud being weird. I'll snip it out; thanks for telling me!