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I found love in your laugh

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did u know onces a man such as me been single but then meets a women who has been hurt by a man whos same age as i but so exstreamly smoken hot i been in love with deepper than life it self wood give his life waitting for that person no matter whaf cause she deserves a none cheatting fool who dosent realiz what a smart beautifull women he lost and one 100%loyal man who is willing to wait for ever if have to until she is turely onsily willing to speade her ever lastting life for i to susperize her with my storage beautifull loving undieing loyalty loving kind carring ways to offer her a kind of promoise that god woodnt break nore will i cause my promoise is as storage is gods promoise that no matter what happens in life she will have me as her vest friend amd ever lasting hearted love loyaty and im waitting until shes ready turely ready for my big golden hearted ways for none other than my best friend amanda